Our Products Compared

Squigle, inc. makes 3 toothpastes. They each have 36% Xylitol.  And they each have the same patented
sls-free detergent system. This system is extremely efficient at removing surface stain and plaque, yet it's so mild it's used in artificial tears.

All of Squigle's toothpastes prevent mouth ulcers, canker sores, gum disease, and perioral dermatitis.

Here's how our toothpastes differ:
Relief from sensitive teeth? 50% of people
with sensitivity
99% of people
with sensitivity
Contains fluoride? yes no
Flavor mild peppermint no added flavor
Contains nanosized calcite? no yes
Abrasive silica calcite
Net weight 4.0 oz 4.0 oz

U.S. Patents 5496541, 5900230, 8658139, and others pending.


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